April 24, 2024

Gov’t warns Ugandans about rampant flu & cough

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The Ministry of Health has told Ugandans that the rampant flu and cough is caused by influenza virus not corona virus.

Many Citizens had started getting worried saying that covid 19 is back.

In a press statement on Friday 12th May 2023, the Ministry ruled out Covid-19, saying there is no evidence of a Coronavirus  in the country.

Though the virus seems not to be more serious, we are encouraging Ugandans to be vigilant in keeping hygiene.

Dr Henry Mwebesa, the Director General of Health Services at the Ministry told our news reporters that “The Ministry of Health would like to inform the general public of a wave of viral influenza (flu) illness circulating within the population. This illness is characterized by a runny nose, headache, intermittent fevers, dry cough, and general body weakness,”.

“About 2 percent of individuals who get viral influenza may get severe respiratory disease. However, there is no record of any consistent increase in hospitalization,” He added.

The Doctors have said that this rampant disease has symptoms like those of Covid-19, malaria

So Ugandans are encouraged to keep in mind the precautions we used when minimizing Covid-19 the previous years (2020 and 2021) by keeping hand hygiene, wear masks, avoid public gathering should be put in place to enable them reduce on the rate of spread.




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